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Brides the perfect shopping list

&Nbsp;   soon to be brides, in addition to happiness, there are a lot of complicated things bother you, often in a rush forget it forget it, not to worry, love knot expert before finishing a wedding for you need to purchase a list of items, makes it easy for you to be a beautiful bride.
&Nbsp;   a wedding, wedding dresses and accessories is essential, can be customized or hire professional bridal shop. With matching veil, gloves, bags, wedding shoes and other carefully chosen.
&Nbsp;   dresses you can choose 1~2, important in the second half as the wedding dress, comfort is very important. You can choose Western-style suit, may choose to join the Chinese elements of the new design.
&Nbsp;   professional dress, matching stockings lingerie, as details can easily be ignored, bride-to-be pay special attention, to show on the wedding day the most perfect yourself.
&Nbsp;  , cosmetics, professional makeup artist booked in the second case, the cosmetics you need only a few supplements. Like feel for your liquid Foundation/use BB cream and so on, can communicate with the makeup artist in advance, direct contact with the skin cosmetics recommends their purchase.
&Nbsp;   c, invitations if the couple is not customized invitations wedding planning company, this must not be careless. To secure qualified wedding invitation style and taste, represents the most basic sincerity.
&Nbsp;   four, red envelope and matches wedding, changed wedding link will use red envelope, in addition to reception table can also prepare some red envelope, to attend the wedding guests (only with money and forget guests red envelopes is gone). Warn can smoke when placed on the plate meets the wedding style match, if guests smoke in the toasting process program can also be used.
&Nbsp;   five, alcohol, tobacco, candy, and bring your own food as separate from the restaurant and wedding services in addition to alcohol, tobacco, candy, need family buy in person. At the wedding to prepare on the basis of the number and demand warrants. Candy can also buy more, distributed to relatives was unable to attend the wedding. In addition, peanut, melon seeds, soft drinks, bring your own food also will be purchased by volume.
&Nbsp;   six, returning back the wedding is an important project, is the sincere gratitude to guests and important to understand. New selection of high-end candy as a return, some specially selected newcomers will "printed with the new avatar mugs", "crafts with a special LOGO printed" in return.
&Nbsp;   seven, wedding related items within the room whether it is choice living at home or in a hotel the night before the wedding to provide wedding, marriage can often be a simple layout, such as words of various sizes, red bedding sets, makeup the next day in the process of with great results.
&Nbsp;   eight-, wedding-related items under discussion with the wedding company, some props needed new people where they are, such as champagne with champagne, take Polaroid pictures using photo paper and so on, once the wedding confirmation link after, be sure to ask them to list a single detail, in accordance with the list is complete. BACK