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How according to the colour of the bride to choose wedding dress?

&Nbsp;   wedding colors appear to be simple, like an ordinary bride knew white and beige, then why does the bride to try on wedding will find the effect difference is very big? Same dress worn in two different men, the effect is different, is it? Other than the wedding dress style is not suitable for, and our skin color, hair color and the color of the pupil has a certain relationship. Now small series teaches you how to pick a wedding dress to suit your skin color.
&Nbsp;   small series to teach you how to identify the color of wedding: wedding colors, white, white, white, silver white, off-white, champagne, which white that would be more suitable for yourself?
&Nbsp;   bridal if your skin looks more pale and delicate ivory color transparent, hair color is yellow-brown, Brown eyes appear yellowish-brown or Brown, eyes bright, black and white, so the bride's skin was "pale warm color" type, white, milky white wedding dress is right for you. BACK