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One-stop wedding include?

&Nbsp;  : you know what one-stop wedding services include? Introduce to a new wedding service including content.
    ?? Attendance: this is all guests must go through before the admission procedures and places. Sign your name here, which will give new people for you to come the most intuitive understanding, can also solve some embarrassment after the wedding. Once a brother worked as a maid, after the end of the marriage ceremony, finishing red envelope found to have a lot of confused ghost forgot signature.
    ? Road sign and carpets: I like to put these two things together. Because whether it is from a mix or from the function, both are almost indispensable. Through this unique journey, the couple eventually hold hands together. Therefore, the road sign to do good, is also the wedding the most care to observe a project.
    ? And the background of the stage: the stage is almost dinner time in the longest, also play a role. Whether the couple's admission for the first time or the second time parents and his speech at the ceremony, and the last master of ceremonies for the scene control, most are using the stage to display. Therefore, the wedding must be in and done under the background of the stage.
&Nbsp;   dining chair features: Hotel may be indicated on the contract: provide simple tables and chairs arranged on the day. But new friends made their so-called arrangement, only refers to adding a tablecloth and chair covers to beautify it. Specific arrangement of the flowers or candle holder, still rely on the wedding company to do it. Therefore, there would be a wedding company package-dining layout into content.
    ? Lighting project, now the hotel stage hardware are not in place. So many hotels in contact, may belong to JI of China World Expo on the one hand the more prominent. Other hotels include their own set of Jinling Jingyuan Plaza, are more or less light deficiency.
&Nbsp;   indoor Crystal lamps and wall lights, although to meet the lighting requirements of the day, but if they can create a different wedding atmosphere, it may be more difficult. So, there are many wedding related lighting will be provided.
&Nbsp;   light: this was all wedding packages include lighting project, possibly above the number will be different. Light mainly highlights the following parts of the lighting, usually more in the stage area, more able to entice the guests do.
&Nbsp;   chasing lights: this is the more common light, is also one of the regular projects. Is primarily used to chase new figure, new out of time play a role in focusing. Meanwhile, the ease of the wedding scene and camera work.
&Nbsp;   create an atmosphere projects: in addition to the above projects, the wedding also provides a lot to create an atmosphere of the wedding day items. For example: dry ice blasting machines, bubble lights, laser lights, chrysanthemums, are able to live in accordance with the new effects in the space above to add some features.
&Nbsp;   other optional items: now only new unexpected, no business can't do that. The basis of the above services, wedding services company also adds a lot of extra optional items. Of course, if you use what will make more of the perfect, but, in turn, we have to pay more of the cost of capital.
&Nbsp;   Crystal stage or currently use more runway, chasing lights, par lamp, Louvre Museum, arches, individual areas, may not be the basis of all packages in particular sets cover contents. Want to use, you need new people themselves to decide.
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