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Cases of wedding booking a hotel had to say

&Nbsp;   here are some cases of reception when booking a hotel, reminded the new people at the wedding reception when booking a hotel that, don't let them get you in a good mood.
&Nbsp;   1. venue big enough to grasp the number of guests set out repeatedly in advance is the best way the presence of confirmed invitees, as far as possible the number of floating average about 1 table/1 control, so that the wedding day schedule. In addition, the venue for vacant State, easing a strong visual permeability, but after the wedding guests seated, increase distance between tables and chairs, table reserved channel, itself the shape of the table size and placement of objects can affect the overall layout of the space, should also be taken into account.
&Nbsp;   2. poor service quality of hotel services is an important factor in creating a wedding room atmosphere. Hotel waiter, music control Division, Hotel Concierge provides different levels of service, became the wedding of soft. Therefore, prior communication is particularly necessary. For example, and explain to the Manager on duty on the day serving the process ahead, slow rhythm; tell tuner in the music of their choice, and so on, should take note.
&Nbsp;   3. the venue is not convenient for transportation wedding venues try to choose a convenient, accessible location, maximum convenience to guests. If the chosen venue is not particularly familiar with the proposed invitation indicates that viable transportation routes. If it is in a secluded Villa wedding, best arrangement in City Centre Shuttle car in advance.
&Nbsp;   4. venue food tastes bad food for the day, the "delicious" is the venue chosen one of the most important. Recommendations or choose to meet most of the guests taste the dish. Form more, pay attention to the color and color combinations, avoiding special irritation and loopholes of the food. To ensure the freshness and hygiene of food materials, prevent too much frozen stock and processing crude.
&Nbsp;   5. Italy hotels no booking the venue, but considering the reputation, suitable price, ease of transportation, selection of auspicious, new people "crashed the wedding" naturally low probability, it depends on who can get a head start. If the central instrument of the venue, especially hot, is certain that half a year in advance, pay a deposit to take decisive action to avoid further complications. Book in advance, but also to prevent price rises during the rush hour. In short, select venues in the earlier plan, the better.
&Nbsp;   6. the stage is too small the stage has become a trend in the wedding. As to a "show" platform, only large spaces can play a heart to meet different wedding ceremonies. Some brides wear a large white trailing the hem dress, standing on the stage in a small space, trouble even turned around. In addition, the popular indoor throw bouquet ceremony also needs to have a large enough stage space. In addition, a spacious and romantic scenery, can bring out the image of the bride and groom on stage, becoming the focus of attention, take out pictures are both far and near, serves you.
&Nbsp;   7. venue sound bad venue facilities, lack of professional live sound engineer, without auditions or rehearsals, music playback format is not compatible, there will be a problem. It is recommended that new processes need unified editing music on a CD, to avoid confusion on the day. In rehearsal in addition when adding music, sound engineer and master of ceremonies is clear each stage in the ceremony music and volume control.
&Nbsp;   8. no guest lounge due to improper arrangements, leading to guests waiting outside for a long time would be allowed to attend the wedding. In fact, the couple can according to the actual situation, guest lounges are available on request, or select the Welcome break ground, and early guests coming from afar, especially seniors and guests with children, arrangements could be seated resting places, can be considered a detailed ritual.
&Nbsp;   9. dressing room too far from hotels and hotels presented the marriage room were randomly assigned, but can talk to hotel, as far as practicable from the banquet area near the floor. If you are in the hotel, you can request a room alone as separate makeup dressing room or, better yet, look at the venue in advance, lights, mirror is a must, preferably with power plug required, such as for use by curling.
&Nbsp;   10. decorative room for some less hotel and Banquet Hall of the hotel itself has a distinct character and want personalized wedding couple will watch this contradiction. In addition, ask in advance what places to allow layout and decoration, Star protection clubs, may be quite limited.
&Nbsp;   11. venue is too far away with the popularity of Villa garden wedding, many couples choose the venue on the outskirts of. If you have enough funds remaining under the conditions, may wish to arrange for guests staying in the hotel rooms, more comprehensive. Because the end of the party late, and suburban public transport is neither familiar with nor convenient for guests.
&Nbsp;   12. Hall health condition clean and tidy are essential conditions for the venue, hotel should ensure quality, but some of the wedding, according to custom, will offer candy and sunflower seeds before the feast, it's easy to toss the messed up site. Therefore, it is recommended that try not to put skin and shell food.
&Nbsp;   13. failed to determine the number of staff on the day wedding is different from ordinary into a restaurant for dinner, to coincide with the process for serving dishes. Best waiter tell hotel confirmation number before the wedding, it is best to each table with two waiters, one responsible for serving pour drinks, another cope with the ritual process of providing services, such as flowers, candles, etc.
&Nbsp;   14. Hall ceiling is too low-storey Ballroom will give impetus to the overall atmosphere. Floors high, sense of space and comfortable, it is extraordinary. But some of the restaurant ceilings are too low, plus wedding toasts the boisterous scene, people have poor ventilation, repression and stifling feeling, so choose low than high.
&Nbsp;   15. venue parking not convenient to the city centre venue will usually be parking restrictions. Recommended that you choose a venue close to the subway or public traffic-intensive areas, so friends and family can easily choose, of course, can also be in the wedding day is equipped with two other vehicles or rent in advance near the parking lot to cope with emergencies.
&Nbsp;   16. venue has large pillars and some hotel and the Hall of the hotel because the relationship between building structure or decorative, there are many pillars. When selecting a venue, be sure to take this into account. First of all, try to choose the venue without thick cylindrical, ensuring spacious comfort of the overall sense of space. If you can't avoid meeting, the post must not be much, but where in corners of the room as far as possible that does not affect the line of sight. Finally, try not to place the pillar in the seating arrangements to avoid the dissatisfaction of the guest.
&Nbsp;   17. temperature do not apply an indoor wedding, suggested the couple go ahead feel if air conditioning can adjust better. If not, try to work something out. For example: you can prepare some small blankets for Halter wrap-shoulder. Outdoor Lawn wedding, although closer to the natural temperatures, but also pay attention to the wedding day of weather and temperature changes, with corresponding adjustments in the field. For example: tent when it rains, blocked the Sun giant umbrellas are necessary.
&Nbsp;   18. tables display of improper venue is small, tables too close intervals, the venue will be blocked, preventing guests walking, new toast are not easy. So it should ask the restaurant table in reasonable numbers. If the day of the wedding to find this question should consult and restaurant, try to solve the problem as soon as possible, such as: separate out a room, transferred part of the round table, and so on.
&Nbsp;   19. Welcome too small large Welcome will give guests a good first impression. Star hotel lobby wedding lawn and garden are great places, but what if the choice of venue is no satisfaction of pre-function area, proposed their own arrangement, such as corridor or hallway extends into the door, put the sign to the door. But it depends on the hotel depending on the situation, but only in the spring and autumn seasons. In addition, try to welcome time or ahead of schedule, the crowd flow, avoid at a time enter the partial reception venues are not so cramped.
&Nbsp;   20. serve serving too fast or too slow too fast or too slow, this is a very common wedding problems. Too fast, the ceremony is not over, has been all over and the winter food too fast, cool quickly, that's not good to eat. Speed is too slow, not only don't eat fun, activity and the stage ended, hasn't all here, would be justified. Suggested hotels well in advance greet new people, or to the supervisor a list of active processes, so you can control the speed of the kitchen and the Hall activities consistent rhythm.
&Nbsp;   21. improper seating cards display seating cards display is small, but reflects the respect for guests, so make sure to prepare personnel details clearly. Table in to order, the venue has a seating diagram of the best Bulletin Board at the entrance, so that at a glance, guests were seated.
&Nbsp;   22. romantic garden wedding wedding day rain garden, lawn, and Villa weddings, in the event of bad weather, will be how unromantic. It is recommended that marriage was elected on 5 June or 10, November rain when there are few better, or spacious shelter or ready reserve Ballroom just in case.
&Nbsp;   23. drinks are in short supply despite the fact that many wedding package beverage drink, but only the specified types. Might as well bring some drinks to meet the different tastes of guests. Cases of beverages in the supermarket not only fresh but affordable, however, or the consent of the hotel allow, in addition, the service offers bottle service is required.
&Nbsp;   24. Board position of wedding fashion using a projector to play now records two people love the PPT, as the focus of the audience, projection Board position and image sharpness adjustment is very important, it is recommended to advance to the field testing and piloting the machine and see if each point see, questions make up.
&Nbsp;   25. toilet lined up a 150-200 's wedding, if not equipped with the toilet seat, and guests wait in long line, both inconvenient and unsightly, until the last guest leaves a bad impression, unfortunately. Recommendations when selecting the venue, considering the number of catering and toilet use of capacity. In addition, if a hotel or guesthouse, or you can tell the waiter diversion to other floor guest bathroom to relieve toilet "overflowing" phenomenon.

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