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Bride wedding dresses need to prepare several sets?

&Nbsp;   outside of something stylish wedding dresses, bride, then needed when preparing a wedding to go to red clothing, and in addition, also need to be prepared: what wedding dress? Sets complete with your wedding dress styles are closely related. According to the preferences of the couple of different styles of wedding, bridal gowns also changed!
&Nbsp;   one or one set of clothes that are common in the day before the wedding, festive banquets and wedding ceremony at the home after the bride at the door, Bridal door feast. Brides often wear a Red Chinese-style clothing. Because in this feast, often no longer held a wedding ceremony, the bride may or may not wear a wedding dress.
&Nbsp;   II, two sets of clothes (dress and Chinese clothing), most brides are now preparing two sets of clothes. A wedding dress and a Chinese cheongsam or Princess outfit.
&Nbsp;   in the morning of the wedding day, the bride in their own home or in a hotel, had been replaced by wedding, waiting for the arrival of the groom jieqin. This wedding dress, starting from jieqin, has been put to the end of the ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, Bridal dressing rooms in the hotel, to get ready for Chinese clothing. Change of Chinese clothing, you can wear these clothes give guests a toast, until the wedding end. Reception after the bride can wear clothing of the Chinese back home.
&Nbsp;   three or three sets of clothes (wedding, Western-style dress, Chinese clothes) 1. now many of the new two-part wedding. First wedding, the bride wearing a white dress in the wedding between the two, the bride needs a Western-style dress, bridal wear Western-style dress wedding ceremony completed the second paragraph. After the whole wedding ceremony, the bride to change for the third set of Chinese clothing, wear this Chinese clothing give guests a toast, until the wedding is over.
&Nbsp;   2. three sets of clothes can also be designed into three-part wedding. -First paragraph: wear Western-style ceremonies. Second paragraph: to wear Western-style dress held a ceremony to celebrate. Third paragraph: wear Chinese clothes Chinese ceremonies. (At this time, the groom should wear clothing) and then, can wear these clothes give guests a toast.
&Nbsp;   four or four garments 1. two sets of wedding dress, a Western-style suit, a Chinese outfit to prepare four sets of clothes bride, designed a three-segment their wedding ceremony. In the ceremony of the first and second paragraphs, you can wear different Western-style wedding in the third-stage time, wear Western-style dress. Overall after the wedding ceremony, the bride to change Fourth Chinese-style clothing, come back and guest toast.
&Nbsp;   2. a wedding dress, a Western-style suit, a Chinese qipao, a Chinese-style garments.
&Nbsp;   prepared the four suits the bride, also designed her wedding three-section. -First paragraph: wear Western-style ceremonies. Second paragraph: qipao Chinese ceremony was held (of course, they also need to wear a dress and groom). Third paragraph: the celebrating ceremony to wear Western-style dress. Overall after the wedding ceremony, the bride wore Fourth Chinese-style costumes give guests a toast.
&Nbsp;   five or five garments. (A welcome gowns, a wedding dress, a Chinese qipao, a Western-style dress, a Chinese clothing) going to five sets of clothing for the bride, usually directly in the hotel to welcome the guests. When she was welcoming, need to put on a welcome set of dress. In advance of the wedding ceremony, the bride put on a wedding dress to the wedding ceremony. This design is to give guests an unexpected effect of wearing a white dress. Making a prominent spot in the wedding. Other clothing, based on the specific arrangements for the wedding ceremony.
&Nbsp;   If the bride on her wedding day all the activities after the end of, depending on your needs, you can also change into casual clothes to go home again, here, I would not have introduced separate. BACK