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Lawn wedding flower arrangements

&Nbsp;   can use the green color of mauve or pink, yellow and so on. Tables can be simply floral decorations, dominated by white-green. Or dream couples choose pink, purple, table, sites can be full of petals.
&Nbsp;   1, pre-function area: where the couple greeted guests. Different layout will have different effects. Simple flower arrangement, fresh flower, romantic feeling blue pre-function area, for a fairy tale wedding and the wedding, cheery red, the festive feeling. Pre-function area is a region first enters the guest view, unique arrangement will be refreshing.
&Nbsp;   2, check in: guest sign in place. Guests leave their name, witness couple love, exquisite attendance area will give a comfortable and warm feeling. In general layout of sign in area and the whole wedding's style is consistent.
&Nbsp;   3, channel: new place slowly to the ceremony area. We will be happy on the red carpet, red carpet on both sides using the road sign, if site conditions permit, case, we set the cold Fireworks, when newcomers after discharge will make surprise increase the atmosphere of excitement.
&Nbsp;   4, ceremony: held a Grand wedding stage. Whether it is a traditional Chinese wedding, Western-style wedding, the ceremony is a core part of normal wedding. Newcomers are here to tell them the happiness of love, exchanges love tokens, drink wedlock, finally announced to the guests that they are about to marry.
&Nbsp;   site layout:
&Nbsp;   don't choose too large, too empty venues. Best pick a site that matches the number of people you invite. Too great a place it is necessary to spend more money and energy to layout and decoration.
&Nbsp;   party:
&Nbsp;   buffet form could be considered. Western-style and sophistication can highlight your wedding. For an outdoor dinner, buffet will make your wedding atmosphere in the form of a lively lot. To make a lively impression.
&Nbsp;   wedding:
&Nbsp;   May-October are perfect for outdoor garden weddings, the 5, 6, 9, October is the best choice, if your wedding is in April or November, is hoping to do you an outdoor wedding, I suggest you hire portable heaters. If it is in the summer, be sure to pay attention to Sun.
&Nbsp;   site selection:
&Nbsp;   with hot Lawn wedding, we have a growing number of site selection, many hotels now offer outdoor garden, there are some wineries, golf courses, suburban villas and resorts. Newcomers can collect some information on the site, according to their own circumstances choose their own place. BACK